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2GB 2nd Generation Memory Desktop Kingston DDR2 Narrow 800mhz

Kingston DDR2 2GB 800 frequency desktop memory module has the following features:

Capacity: 2GB, suitable for general daily office work and light multitasking needs.


    Frequency: 800MHz, provides faster data transmission speed, suitable for old DDR2 motherboards.

    Standard: Complies with DDR2 standard and needs to be used with a DDR2 compatible motherboard.

    Stability: Kingston is a well-known brand with guaranteed product quality and high stability and reliability.

    Compatibility: For use with DDR2-compatible motherboards and processors, make sure the motherboard supports the 6400MHz frequency.

    Applicable scenarios: Suitable for upgrading old desktop computers to improve system running speed and multi-tasking capabilities.

    It should be noted that DDR2 memory is already a relatively old specification, and it may be difficult to find brand-new products on the market. It is recommended to pay attention to the newness and reliability of the product when purchasing.
    • 2GB-2nd-Generation-Memory-Desktop-Kingston-DDR2-Narrow-800mhz1gg0
    • 2GB-2nd-Generation-Memory-Desktop-Kingston-DDR2-Narrow-800mhz2o54
    • 2GB-2nd-Generation-Memory-Desktop-Kingston-DDR2-Narrow-800mhz3gdx
    Faster transfer speed
    Improve computer operating speed Support laptop /AIO/Server/Cloud, kick out of troubles enjoy fast speed.

    High Compatibility
    Compatible wiht intel, AMD and MAC system well, RAM has been through compatibility testing with all popular brands of motherboards on the market. Test results show that memory is able to offer superior performance and high stability required during long time operation.

    High Stability
    High-quality originals, strict process. All chips from large brands, through strict testing and screening testing.
    After long-time burn in test and temperature tolerance test aiming at major system platform, it approves that memory owns high stability and performance.

    Key Attributes

    • Application: Desktop / Laptop
      Type: DDR2/DDR3/DDR4/DDR5
      Frequency: 800mhz
      Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
      Private Mold: Yes
    • Products Status: Stock
      Brand Name: kingston/OEM/ODM
      Model Number: DDR2
      RAM Application: Laptop ddr2 ddr3 ddr4 ddr5 ram
      RAM: 2GB 4GB 8GB
    • Warranty: 3 years
      Place of origin: Guangdong, China
      Packing: Box
      Certification: FCC ROHS CE