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Limited Warranty Policy:

MemoBoss warrants that MemoBoss's products are free from defects in materials and workmanship in their original sealed packaging. MemoBoss will repair or replace products and parts thereof that prove to be defective due to improper workmanship or materials, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in this warranty agreement. Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, this warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the MemoBoss products and is not transferable. An original or copy of the sales receipt or invoice must be attached to confirm the date of purchase and the original purchaser.

1. This warranty agreement shall supersede all prior or concurrent written or oral agreements between you and KingSepc. KingSepc makes no other warranties or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

2. All warranties, whether express or implied, are valid only for the time period specified below. Some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of such implied warranties, limitations, or terms of warranty, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

3. MemoBoss may confirm or read and save the data and information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information") stored in the product during after-sales service. MemoBoss hereby agrees that MemoBoss will not disclose any information to any third party, but this does not include employees of MemoBoss who may need access to the information, with or without your prior written consent.

Warranty Terms:

*Limited Warranty: The warranty period is a summary of the following conditions. From the date of original purchase to the expiration of the defined warranty year for the product; or until the hard drive reaches the declared DWPD or TBW value; or the end time when the product life cycle indicator reaches an outlier, which indicates that the product has undergone inappropriate use.

*MemoBoss requires you to provide proof of purchase to identify the date of purchase and sign off on the RMA, if proof of purchase is not available, MemoBoss will rely on the SN(programmed into the product) on the product label to define the start date of the warranty.

This limited warranty service does not apply to problems or damages caused by any of the following circumstances, and MemoBoss will not be responsible or liable when:

(1)Accidental, arbitrary modification, negligence, abuse, improper use, misuse, disassembly, improper installation, abnormal environmental conditions, or use under operating conditions not approved by MemoBoss (including but not limited to use of the product with an incorrect voltage supply);
(2)Wear and tear under normal use;
(3)Self-removal of labels or stickers (including all warranty or quality control stickers, product serials, or electronic numbers) on or accompanying the product;
(4)MemoBoss product-related problems arising from use with non-MemoBoss hardware, software, or other objects
(5)Use the MemoBoss product in an environment, purpose, or operate the product in an inappropriate manner that is not in accordance with the product's design intent, or fail to follow the instructions of MemoBoss's published documentation;
(6)Installed, modified, altered or repaired by anyone other than MemoBoss or its authorized representative;
(7)Problems unrelated to materials or workmanship or that too minor to harm the use or operation of the product;
(8)Problems related to consumables;
(9)Products that are "not new" or "known to be defective, or faulty ". In addition, MemoBoss has no responsibility or obligation to recover any data from the product;
(10)Chip damage due to violent physical testing, extreme performance or longevity testing.
In order to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship and win-win cooperation. Our company provides the following after-sales services:

✬ Warranty Principle:

Applicable products: solid state drives, Rams
Warranty period: 3 years
Remarks: If the package needs to be replaced, the price difference of the package needs to be compensated.
Repair freight:
1. The customer shall bear the freight from the destination country to China, and our company shall bear the customs clearance fee for entering China.
2. After receiving the repaired products and renewing them, our company will bear the freight from China to the destination country, and the customer will bear the customs clearance fee for entering the destination country.
3. The buyer can also choose to convert the quotation of the current day directly into the value of the goods and deduct it in the new order.

✬ Important Reminder:

Before returning the repair, be sure to notify our salesmen and make the following marks:
1.The package must be removed and only PCBA will be issued.
2. The defective products must be allocated according to the capacity and put into a unified bag (for example, 12 for 120GB; 24 for 240GB);
3. Register the capacity and quantity and inform the salesperson.
4. Fill in the customs declaration invoice and send it to the salesman (the declaration value must be discussed with our salesman);
5. Shipment.

Q1. Are you a manufacturer?

A1: Yes, we are an experienced manufacturer with our own molds and production lines for over 15 years.

Q2: Do you supply OEM service?

A2: Yes, Wecomed. Your own brand or design on SSD, RAM can be supplied!

Q3: How long is your Warranty?

A3: 3 Years. Our aim is to offer simple but high-quality products.

Q4: How can I Secure my payment?

A4: T/T, Western Union, XT, PayPal, TradeAssurance.

Q5: What is your MOQ?

A5: Most of our products are in stock, no request for MOQ. For some products with printed pictures, we request MOQ 50pcs per design. For special requirements, welcome to contact us.

Q6: How long will it take to deliver goods?

A6: We will start preparing goods upon receipt of buyers' T/T copy. After receiving your full payment, we will deliver the goods within the deadline which both parties agreed.

Q7: What kind of transportation methods you offer?

1. For spare-parts, we use express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS, as we enjoy very good discount in these companies.
2. But if buyers provide us accounts of their own, transportation fee paid by such accounts are also welcomed.
3. For goods with large package, we will transport by air and sea, and we will confirm freight with buyers' prior delivery.

Q8: How is the after sales service?

1. Service and Quality is our culture!
2. We have a huge team which is in charge of after-sales service, also a service hotline dealing with buyers' complains and feedback.
3. We offer 24-hour online service to help buyers solving problems.
4. We offer buyers updated market information regularly.

Q9: Why can't we find ssd hard dlsk and read 1 wrlte dato?

A9: The newly bought SSD generally need to be formatted in Disk management before using. It is recommended to format in the windows operating system and use NTFS format.
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