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OEM/ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD

High cost performance: suitable for users with limited budget, providing a more economical and affordable price.

Fast startup and loading: Using SATA interface, it has faster reading and writing speeds, which can greatly improve system startup and application loading speed.

Low power consumption: Using solid-state drive technology, it consumes less power than traditional mechanical hard drives and can extend the battery life of laptop computers.


    Reliability: It has high durability and stability, and supports designs with TBW (Total Bytes Written) up to 80TB.

    Quiet operation: No mechanical moving parts, no noise when working, providing a quieter use environment.

    Multiple capacity options: Provides multiple capacity options, including 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, etc., suitable for the storage needs of different users.

    Applicable scenarios: Suitable for daily applications such as personal PCs, office workstations, and light gamers
    • OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD063nv
    • OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD074mk
    • OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD08qwb
    It’s a great experience
    Upgrade your latop or desktop computerd and feel the difference with super-fast OS boot times and application loads.

    Selected particles
    Slient,low-power operation. Resistant to shock and vibration.

    Best Upgrade Solution for HDD
    Elevate your computing experience by choosing 2.5" SSD as the best upgrade for your HDD. Bid farewell to sluggish performance, as our 2.5"SSD redefine responsiveness and reliability.

    Key Attributes

    • Application: Desktop/Laptop/Sever
      Type: Internal
      Style: SSD
      Interface Type: Sata 3.0
      Item Condition: New
      Products Status: New
      Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
      Package: Yes
      Weight(Including Package): 82G
      Shell Material: Plastic
    • Has External Power Supply: No
      Expansion Port: Sata 3.0
      Private Mold: NO
      HDD Capacity: Other
      Size: 2.5"
      Brand Name: OEM
      Model Number: SSD-OEM
      Wireless: NO
      Read speed: 500-570MB/S
      Write speed: 400-470MB/S
    • Product name: 2.5" SATA III SSD
      Capacity: 120GB 240GB 480GB 1TB 2TB
      Warranty: 3Years
      Interface: 2.5 inch sata
      Dimensions: 100*70*7mm
      Inpute Voltage: DC 5v±10%
      Flash type: High Speed 3D TLC
      Temperature: 0-70℃
      Application: ATM/Ultrabook/Notebook/Laptop
      Used for: Laptop Desktop Server
    OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD096x7
    OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD105tb
    OEM ODM Factory Wholesale WD-SSD Hard Drives SSD11n2q