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OEM Orginal Brand New Internal M.2 SSD Ngff for Laptop

Customization: Customized design according to customer needs. Capacity, performance, appearance, etc. can be customized to meet the needs of specific application scenarios.

High performance: It adopts high-speed SATA3 interface and has high reading and writing speed, which is suitable for improving system performance.


    Reliability: Using high-quality flash memory chips and controllers, it has good durability and stability.

    Adaptability: Suitable for various equipment and application scenarios, such as industrial control, embedded systems, network equipment, etc.

    Customized appearance: Shell material, size, logo, etc. can be customized to meet customer brand and design requirements.

    Quality Assurance: Provide quality assurance and after-sales service to ensure product stability and reliability.
    • OEM Orginal Brand New Internal M5b1
    • OEM Orginal Brand New Internal Mn6u
    • OEM Orginal Brand New Internal M7g0
    Capacities available
    In 120GB/128GB/240GB/256GB/480GB/512GB/960GB /1TB and 2TB to satisfy all your needs, whether you are looking for a system drive or gaming drive.

    It’s a great experience
    Upgrade your latop or desktop computerd and feel the difference with super-fast OS boot times and application loads.

    Amazing speed
    Read/write speed up to 550MB/s which offers more efficient data transferring performance.

    Smart compatibility
    Plug and play, with a compatible SATA 6GB/s interface, install or upgrade a SSD in minutes.

    Key Attributes

    • Style: SSD
      Interface Type: NGFF
      Item Condition: New
      Products Status: New
      Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
      Package: Yes
      Interface Rate: 6Gb/s
      Weight(Including Package): 82G
      Has External Power Supply: No
    • Expansion Port: Sata 3.0
      Private Mold: NO
      Size: 10.1*5.7*1.2mm
      Brand Name: OEM
      Model Number: OEM
      Wireless: Yes
      Read speed: 500-570MB/S
      Write speed: 400-470MB/S
      Product name: M2 ssd
    • Capacity: 120GB/128GB/240GB/256GB/480GB/512GB/960GB/1TB/2TB
      Brand: OEM
      Warranty: 5 Years
      Feature: High Performance
      MOQ: 2 Pc
      Chips: Original TLC Chip
      Used for: Laptop Desktop Server POS
      Payment: TT.Western Union.Trade Assurrance
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